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the exposure that is needed.


1 Registration is free

Register and Create your hotel page all for free and within minutes your rooms are ready to be sold. We’ll take care of the hard stuff so that you look into the other things that matters to you. Sign up for free to get started.

2 Get discovered

You will leverage MYBUZA’s data capture functions to help with marketing initiatives. Searching through different filters such as customer email and customer cities. Our system integrates with mailchimp, facebook etc. to make campaigns and exposures

3 Maximize revenue

As hotel owner your target is to be profitable, despite your best efforts, at certain points in your business it may not be possible to produce the results you desire and that is when our tools, our sales and support teams helps you optimize your strategy to fill your rooms and increase revenue.

How we can help your hotel...

1. get your hotel out there,
2. gaining guests at less cost to you,
3. attracting more potential revenue-generating guests,
4. help reducing operational costs